Christine Bailey

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Christine Bailey

Horsham and online

Hi, I’m Christine 

I started going to Moves Fitness classes way back  in the 1980s. I certainly hadn’t been ‘sporty’ at school but here was exercise I enjoyed and could do!  I loved the programme so much that by the end of the decade, I’d done the instructor training and was running classes of my own. 

Over the years, I’ve run classes in Surrey, Essex and currently West Sussex. I’ve enjoyed them all and have met many lovely people along the way. A move abroad for 4 years didn’t deter me and I started classes as soon as I returned to the UK. I currently have a hall and online classes. Please take a look at the class schedules on this website for full details, or contact me directly for more information.

Whether you join us in a hall or online, you’re guaranteed a friendly welcome and a hugely, fun, effective workout. If you enjoy moving to music, why not give Moves Fitness a try? I’d love to welcome you along.