Vivienne Green

Vivienne Green

Vivienne Green

Sunbury on Thames and online

Hi, I’m Vivienne, I live in Ottershaw with my husband Dave and own up to being far older than I feel!

I became a Moves Fitness instructor 28 years ago and I love it as much now as I did then! I had been a Moves Fitness student for a number of years and would travel miles to get to class three or even four times a week – I was hooked.

Moves Fitness is an exhilarating aerobic workout for all ages and fitness levels and it’s all about bringing the joy of getting fit into an exercise class. No-one wants to go to class unless it is fun, rewarding, effective and makes you happy.  Moves Fitness is all of these rolled into one.

My online daytime classes are ‘Lite’ ….. 30 minutes of fabulous dance exercise at a lower impact pace, perfect for the mornings!

My Monday class in Sunbury is for 55 minutes, it’s also ‘Lite’ and include specific muscle group work for abs and legs ….. on a chair, no floorwork!

Why not come along and find out for yourself just how to get fit and have fun at the same time!

Online classes are bookable via this link:

Classes at Sunbury are Pay As You Go