Woking Well Being Lecture and Routine Launch 2023

Cindy Gilbert and her team of All Star Moves Fitness instructors were at the Woking Leisure Centre on 12 Feb 2023 for an illuminating well being lecture and uplifting work out.

How Science Moves Us: From the Cell to the Dance Floor and Beyond

The Moves Fitness Wellness Seminar and Launch of Routine Set 157 was brilliant!
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Woking well being and routine launch

An afternoon of education and exercise with Moves Fitness founder Cindy Gilbert. Cindy will take you on a journey through the science behind the benefits of exercise and how it can enhance the quality of your life. You’ll be captivated by her stories about love, Ferris wheels, electricity powerhouses and even murder! These engaging tales will make even the most complex science concepts easy to understand. Don’t miss this opportunity to spend an afternoon with Moves Fitness students, make new friends, and be entertained, educated, and exercised.

I found her presentation riveting, motivating and very inspiring. She reinforced the importance of living a happy and healthy life and the contribution that exercise makes to that. Being a scientist in movement  she is so knowledgeable about what makes us tick and the importance of mitochondria. Some of her references were very vivid – e.g. when you watch TV for 3 hours every evening it is a very good preparation for your care home!!! I took so much away from the session and enjoyed the new routines in the workout too.

Thank you to everyone who attended. If you were there let us know what you liked about the day, and since we were speaking about the benefits of exercise, what benefits have you received by being part of the Moves Fitness family?