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Moves Fitness is one of the most successful group exercise programmes to have been established in the UK – and we’re still growing! 

Former Olympic athlete, Cindy Gilbert, started the movement to help men and women like you find authentic joy in exercise online and in your local community. 

Whether you’re a trainer searching for a fulfilling career or if you’re looking for a fun way to exercise, you can join thousands of people across the UK who have found a class they’ll love for life.

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Tell us what moves fitness means to you – Inspire others to join

Fantastic exercise classes

I have been going to Moves Fitness classes for over 30 years. Great music, fabulous routines and wonderful teachers, all trained to perfection. Pick any class, any teacher and every routine will be the same (with each teachers stamp on it !) so you can attend any class ! My teachers in those years, Janet Johnson, Helen Williams and Scott Walker are amazing. Moves changed my life for the better.

jan Feist

Vivienne Green

I have been a Moves Fitness student for the past 41 years and am truly grateful to the programme and to Cindy Gilbert, the founder, for keeping me going with exercise over all that time, with many different teachers. When the pandemic hit, I and other students were devastated, but we need not have worried. Vivienne, quickly got up and running with excellent on line classes, a life saver for many of us, giving a structure to the week and plenty of opportunity to chat to her and the other students at the beginning and end of each session. I had never previously met Vivienne, but when things returned to normal, I joined many of Vivienne’s previous students in a new in person class which she set up. Most of the ladies in this class knew each other from before the pandemic, so I joined as a completely new person. I was immediately welcomed into the class, both by Vivienne and by the other students, who were so friendly that I felt completely comfortable. I continue to do Vivienne’s classes, both on line and in person, and I hope she continues to teach for many years to come.



I did my first Moves Fitness Class at Cindy’s second week at Tolworth Recreation Centre when first started in 1981 and stayed there until it finished. Then went on to Helen and have been with her for many years now. She’s an amazing person in caring for us all and giving us such heart lifting classes as well as keeping our bodies “well oiled”. During my 2 classes a week with her I never feel my almost 78 years old. Been such an amazing rehab mentally and physically for me through my 2 cancers – the Moves Family are an incredible support. Cindy, thank you for bringing this amazing organisation to us all to get that “feel good factor”.

Pauline Corry


Moves Fitness is the best 55 minutes of non-stop, calorie burning, cardio churning, strength building, flexibility creating, mad dancing, crazy fun ..… ever!

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Moves Gold is a standing and seated low impact exercise class for the older adult using hand weights, balls, bands and chairs. The focus is improving strength and general fitness to help you do what you do best – live life and thrive!

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Whether at a hall or online, we are sure to have a class to suit you